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What I Learned

Why I Made This

I made this project primarily to improve my CSS skills. I had written at least 6 web apps for CS50w at this point, and although they developed both my back-end and front-end abilities, they generally did not mark based on your CSS abilities. So, I thought that implementing a design that I admired would teach me a lot about CSS. I chose Melee because it is one of my favourite games, and I think that it has an excellent visual style that would be challenging to recreate. The specific design I was influenced by was Melee's trophy page, although my final design is fairly different from it. The website needed to be more than just that though, so I decided to make it an introduction to the characters used in high-level competitive Melee. The game is poorly balanced and only about half of the cast is used in high-level play, which is why this site doesn't feature low-tier characters like Ness and Kirby. In another timeline where Nintendo supported the competitive scene for this game, which is still active after 22 years, I imagine that there would be an official site much like this.

screenshot of Pikachu bio in mobile layout

character select screen homepage